Best Free Lessons on the Human Body

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Best Free Lessons on the Human Body Empty Best Free Lessons on the Human Body

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  1. Are Two Eyes Better than One?These experiments are designed so elementary students can understand the main reasons most organisms have two eyes. Includes experiment protocol, materials list, and discussion of depth perception.
  2. Building a Lung Model Using Household Items Let your students discover how the lungs work by constructing a model. Link includes a list of materials, experimental protocol, and description of simple lung physiology.
  3. 10 Terrific Human Body and Anatomy for Kids Websites Includes descriptions and links to websites about blood typing, bone biology, body parts, and more!
  4. Muscles in Motion Make a working model of the hand with just paper and string! Also, use your sense of touch to find out which muscles you are using when doing different activities!
  5. 5 Senses! Activities that teach about sight, taste, touch, smell, and hearing!
  6. Skeletons and Bones Science Projects! Using chicken bones test the strength of bones! Show why your back is flexible using a drinking straw and a pipe cleaner! Includes a short discussion of calcium carbonate!

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